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Lock for Plex is a channel plugin generator that enables you to lock and unlock sections using a password PIN on your Plex Media Server!

Disclaimer Plex is a registered trademark, this app is not affiliated with Plex

Generate multiple plug-ins which will enable you to lock section(s) of your movies/videos/photos and more on your Plex Media Server and unlock the section(s) later using a password PIN allowing you to view those section(s), at your convenience. That simple.

Currently Supports Plex Media Server running on Windows, Linux(Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS), Mac and FreeBSD


✔ Generate more than one lock for plex plug-in to lock multiple sections separately with different password PIN's!

✔ Customize the icons of the plugin you generate, use any image you like!

✔ Get notified on your smart phone or devices via pushbullet every time a section is either locked, unlocked or when there is an attempt to unlock

✔ Easily discover your plex media server and generate your lock for plex channel plugin

✔ Plex sign-in to connect

✔ Easy to lock and unlock any section(s) using a 4 digit password PIN

✔ Locked / unlocked sections will not show up in the dashboard

✔ Timed unlock feature lets you set the number of minutes (1-540) you can leave section(s) unlocked after which the section(s) will automatically get locked

✔ Use the auto-lock feature, play a video and continue to watch the video until it ends, the section will auto-lock in the background

✔ Can lock/unlock from Plex app(channels section) for most Plex clients</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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